Spring 2005 Staff Development Survey

The results from this survey will be used to prepare for next year's on-campus staff development offerings. Your input is essential in this process.

Name (optional): 

  1. What division do you work in?
    Lower School
    Middle School
    Upper School

  1. Would you like to have more technology related staff development classes offered on campus next year?

  1. If you answered yes to question #2, what topics would you like to see covered? You may select more than one answer.
    Web Page Construction
    Digital Camera
    Video Camera
    Office Suite
    Laptops in the Classroom
    First Class (Web Pages, File Saving)
    Mac Classes (see Question #4 for possible offerings)

  1. Which of the following Mac classes would you be interested in taking? You may select more than one answer.
    OS X v 10.4 Tiger (Basic Operating System )
    AppleWorks (Word Processing)
    Pages (Publisher Features)
    Keynote (Presentation Software Similar to PowerPoint)
    iPhoto (Digital Camera and More)
    iMovie (Film Production)
    Final Cut Pro (Advanced Video Editing)

  1. Choose which of the following best describes your needs:
    I am interested in taking technology classes for my own personal productivity.
    I am interested in learning how to integrate technology for use with my students.

  1. Time constraints seemed to be a factor in the staff development classes that were most popular this year. Rank the list of possible class meeting times with the most desirable as number 1.
        1 2 3 4
    Two hour classes after school (SACS credit)  
    Five two hour sessions after school (1 PLU credit)  
    Three to four hour sessions after school (1 PLU credit for every 10 hours)  
    Summer Sessions for PLU or SACS credit  

  1. The PLU technology staff development classes were not as popular as the SACS technology staff development classes this year, choose from the reasons listed below. You may select more than one answer.
    Too much of a time investment (10-30 Hours)
    Time of year, many were offered in the spring
    Classes need to be spread out, once a week
    Classes need to be spread out, once a month

  1. A more desirable schedule for PLU staff development classes would be the following.

  1. I would be interested in taking online staff development classes in a group setting of 3-4.

  1. In addition to the technology class offerings, I think some staff development classes should be offered that relate to my particular discipline and/or classes that examine the latest educational trends.

  1. What other staff development classes would you like to see included?

  1. I would be willing to teach a staff development class in the following discipline.(stipend available).

Director of Staff Development
Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Atlanta, GA