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This on line form can be used to negotiate with me the training you would like. It will help summarise what you want to do, when, where and for how long it will be delivered. This is therfore an example of arranging personalised learning.
Fill out the boxes then press the 'submit' button at the end when you have finished. Submitting this form does not make a booking. It does express an interest in this training and the times, places and days that would suit. I will then negotiate this with you based on other requests and availablility wherever possible fitting in with your requirements.
If you just want to ask a question, please fill in the box at the end and press submit. This includes asking for any special training you might want not offered here.
If you are making a submission based on the needs of a group of tutors who teach a specific course, or work in a group or a Section, please make that clear in the free response area at the end of the questions. We would then attempt to arrange training based on the given group.


  1. Firstly please identify the Section to which this training applies. This could just be the Section you work in if this is an individual application
    Academic Studies
    Early years & Care
    Business Services
    Community Education
    Construction & the Built Environment
    Creative Arts
    East Kent Builiding Trades School
    Hair, Beauty & Associated Therapies
    Hotel & Catering
    Integrated Learning Support
    IT, Secretarial & Lesiure
    Library and Library services
    Senior Management
    Student Services
    Any other College wide department

  1. If your Section is not listed or please describe it here

  1. Do you have a preferred half day on which to complete this training? Please choose from the following list. You can choose as many as suit you.
    Monday morning
    Monday afternoon
    Tuesday morning
    Tuesday afternoon
    Wednesday morning
    Wednesday afternoon
    Thursday morning
    Thursday afternoon
    Friday morning
    Friday afternoon

  1. Do you prefer training to start at 1pm, 2 pm, 3pm, or 4.00pm? Remember to think how long you would like to spend in any session. Check the original notification if you want to see my reccomendation. If you choose 4.00pm, training can only last 60 minutes maximum. You can make multi selections here if more than one time would suit

  1. Now please choose the week or weeks that would suit your training requirement. Again, you can make multiple choices, particualry if you want to attend the same training twice. Each choice equals 'week beginning monday'
    6th. June
    13th. June
    20th. June
    27th. June
    4th. July
    11th. july
    18th. July
    25th. July
    1st. August
    7th. august

  1. Would you prefer to complete the training in the Learning Lab, or in your Classroom or Common room?
    Training in the Learning Lab
    Training in my classroom (Please specify the room No. in the comments at the end).
    Other: please specifiy where this might be in the response area at the end of this form.

  1. OK, please add any comments or special requests here concerning the choices you have made.

  1. Thanks for completing this training booking request. Remember that submitting this only starts the discussion between us on how to best meet your training requirements leading up to the new Term start. I will attempt to personalise it to fit your requirements and I will email you back shortly once the general training requirement becomes clear. In the meantime, please add any further comments here about any additional specific training you would like arranged or other comment you would like to make.

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