Application for Transfer Consideration

Please complete each of the following important questions. We strive to know our prospective students and want to ensure we can provide for a student's and parents' needs and wishes.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Student Name*

  1. Parent Name*

  1. Home Address (including number & street, city, state, zip)*

  1. Parent e-mail address*

  1. Parent phone number*

  1. Check all that apply:*
    Student & family is Catholic
    Student & family is registered and active with a Johnson County Catholic Parish
    Student is not Catholic

  1. Provide the name of your parish, or place of worship:*

  1. Student's Current Grade:*

  1. What high school do you currently attend?*

  1. Ideally, when would you be interested in enrolling at St. James Academy?*
    Beginning of next semester
    Beginning next school year

  1. Why do you want to change high schools?*

  1. How did you hear about St. James Academy?*

  1. What appeals to you about being a student at St. James Academy?*

  1. List students you know who attend SJA currently.*

  1. What is your favorite subject in school?*

  1. What is your most difficult subject in school?*

  1. Check any of the following which apply to this student:*
    I have special needs
    I currently receive academic accommodations
    I currently receive services from an IEP or 504
    I have been in a Talented & Gifted program
    None of the above apply to me.

  1. If you checked any of the options in question 16, please describe services currently provided.

  1. How much time do you spend on homework, per day?*
    less than 1 hour
    1-3 hours
    3 hours or more

  1. How many days have you been absent from school in the past 12 months?*
    less than 3 days
    3-6 days
    6-12 days
    more than 12 days

  1. In what high school activities do you currently participate? Include whether you've been on a varsity team roster in any of these activities.*

  1. What do you like about your current high school?*

  1. What would you like to change at your current high school?*