Bootcamp Pre-Training Survey, October 2012

The objective of this survey is to better understand your challenges and questions regarding so that we can focus on those areas during training. Your responses are anonymous and detailed answers are helpful.

  1. What about the network is the most challenging for you?

  1. What questions do you receive from advertisers/agencies about our inventory and publishers that you would like to be able to address more easily?

  1. Once a campaign is live, what are the common questions that advertisers/agencies ask about our inventory?

  1. For your book of business, what is the ratio between sold O&O and network products? Example: 70/30 respectively. What are the drivers behind the O&O/network ratio? Examples: I'm not very comfortable selling so I sell mostly O&O, the agency asks to take network off the plans, my client is very DR-focused and they only want network.

  1. What information about our inventory will empower you to be more successful when pitching the network?

  1. What questions do you receive from agencies related to our inventory vs. other vendors they currently work with?

  1. Fill in the blank, I would sell more mobile network campaigns if ________.

  1. Do you have any advertisers using or asking about the following? If yes, list which ones.
    • Real-time bidding via a technology such as Invite Media or Media Math
    • An Ad Verification vendor such as DoubleVerify or AdSafe
    • An Attribution modeling vendor such as ClearSaleing or visual IQ
    • A creative optimization solution such as Criteo or Dotomi

  1. What are you LEAST familiar with regarding the display network?
    Standard display products - LeadBack and Performance metrics (CPA, CPC)
    Super Channels
    Mobile Network
    Devil Network

  1. Are you hearing about In-view?

  1. Add any other comments here.