Olympic Althelete

Complete this survey. Describe your person/ Olympic athlete. Reminder: Your person must be a Winter Olympian. You must save three resources and copy/paste the information from the pages to a Word document. Resources: Biography.com ; www.WinterOlympics.com


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Who is your Olympic Athlete?
    What is your person's name? What country does he/she represent? *

  1. What are his/her Event(s)/sport, career, title and/or responsibilities?

  1. Why did you select this person or what do you think makes this person interesting? Explain Do you think this person has an interesting life as an Athlete? Explain

  1. What are his/her contributions to society and/or his or her sport?

  1. Predict: What does a daily schedule for this person look like? List a daily itinerary (schedule) of five or more major activities (Food and training)

  1. How might this athlete's routine compare to other athlete's routine: Winter, Summer or team sport athletes?

  1. List three resources you will use to complete your research

Career Research I/II
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