TLMT 395 Internship Fall 2012

  1. How many internships have you completed for credit?

  1. How many of those internships were outside of Nebraska?

  1. My internship last summer was primarily in:
    landscape management
    turfgrass management

  1. Please respond:

            1 2 3 4 5      
      The short answer response paper encouraged me to ask questions of my supervisor that I may not have otherwise.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      Questions in the short-answer response paper were appropriate for the knowledge-level I was at during my internship experience.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      It was a valuable learning experience to listen to other students’ internship presentations. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      The daily log helped me reflect back on the activities and experiences of my internship.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      This class encouraged me to update and make improvements to my resume.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      Listening to other students’ presentations opened my eyes to opportunities for my second internship experience (select N/A only if you just completed your second internship). Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I made connections during my internship(s) that helped me get a second internship or an interview for a full-time position.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      It was important to my career development to experience different growing conditions and management practices outside of Nebraska (select N/A only if you have not completed an internship outside of Nebraska).  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      Internships are valuable for my career development.  Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      I would like (or would have liked) the option of giving a poster presentation rather than an oral presentation. Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  

Associate Professor of Practice
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE