Nesting Daily Survey

Team, as an effort to ensure that we have a successful Nesting program and to ensure you are getting the support you need and deserve we conduct a survey after the first day. This is completely anonymous and the results are only viewed by senior leadership to help ensure we are supporting you with both the necessary quantity and quality of support.

  1. Did you feel successful taking calls today?

  1. What do you think contributed to the success you had today?

  1. What could we have done better to make you feel successful?

  1. How many calls did you take today?

  1. Of those calls how many did you struggle to resolve?

  1. For the calls you struggled with what did the customer call in for?

  1. What things would you like help on in relation to the calls you took?

  1. Were there any times that you felt a lack of support or support wasn’t helpful? Y/N

  1. What things would you like to see done differently about the support you recieved?