Bordeaux 2012 Contest

We will be GIVING AWAY a N’FINITY PRO 46 DUAL ZONE WINE CELLAR to one (1) lucky member! All Guild members are eligible. To enter, each member must submit 20 questions (with answers) on the region or Bordeaux, its wine styles, and/or most noteworthy producers. The BEST questions will test knowledge that we should consider as essential to the mastery of Bordeaux. The format is as follows:

1. All questions should be in the short answer format.
2. All questions must be less than 100 words in length, and answers must be less than 100 words in length.
3. All questions must be ORIGINAL and answers must include a cited source. ( is not an acceptable source for this contest)
4. Questions should cover a wide range of Bordeaux topics, rather than focusing solely on one area (i.e. just Graves).
5. All entries must be completed by December 15, 2012.

TO WIN: All submissions will be graded on 3 criteria: originality, importance of topics, and breadth of topics. Entries will be judged by a panel of Master Sommeliers, and the winning entry will be posted in its entirety for the membership to take as a pop Bordeaux quiz! The winner will be announced on December 20, 2012.


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