tafeSA Regency Flexible Learning Children's Services Hub 'workshops'

We invite you to comment and provide feedback about the tafeSA Regency Flexible Learning Children's Services Hub 'workshops' held in Semester 2, 2012. We appreciate your thoughts and will look forward to improving these sessions and offering further opportunities to support your learning and assessment


  1. How did you feel when you first started attending the Hub 'workshops' at Regency AND how do you feel now?

  1. What did you find the most valuable about attending the Hub workshops?

  1. What would you change or improve about the workshops? What could we have done differently?

  1. What would you like to do 'next'? For example, what are you interested in exploring in future sessions?

  1. How has attending the Hub workshops and/or carrying out the assessment tasks improved your practice?

  1. Have you noticed any changes in your centres practices as a result of your learning?

  1. When would you prefer Hub workshops to be held (eg time, day)?

  1. Any other comments?