2012 Polar Express Tool Rally Training ASM Feedback

What was the ASM experience for the 2012 Polar Express Tool Rally Training

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. I attended the Polar Express Tool Rally Webinar in September?*

  1. Any comments on the webinar you'd like to share? Could we have done anything different or better on the webinar?*

  1. The Polar Express Tool Rally was a month long event with weekly newsletters along with the Tool Rally Party on Oct 28th. It was a different approach than last year. How did you feel about the change?*
    I loved it
    It was Okay
    I would prefer having just one 3 hour training session
    I did not like having to facilitate the weekly newsletters and the 3 hour training session.
    It was a complete waste of my time

  1. My Associates found the Weekly Polar Express Newsletters and the activities within the newsletters helpful and informative.*
    Not at All
    I didn't know there were weekly Newsletters

  1. If you did not like the way the Polar Express Month Long Tool Rally was run this year, what would you do differently?

  1. Any comments you would like to share with us?