chapter 15 "rate yourself" part I post


Rate yourself

1 means you are an expert and could explain this word to anyone
2 means you have heard the word, but are not an expert
3 means you do not know the word yet

        1 2 3      
  Clovis expert unfamilar  
  Charles Martel expert unfamilar  
  Charlemagne expert unfamilar  
  Otto I expert unfamilar  
  Gregory the Great expert unfamilar  
  fjord expert unfamilar  
  missionary expert unfamilar  
  excommunicate expert unfamilar  
  concordat expert unfamilar  
  feudalism expert unfamilar  
  vassal expert unfamilar  
  fief expert unfamilar  
  knight expert unfamilar  
  serf expert unfamilar  
  guild expert unfamilar