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    Architecture Club (Mr. Martin)  
    Cast of “Little Mermaid” (Mrs. Dunbar, Mr. Willis, Ms. Williams)  
    Crew of “Little Mermaid” (Ms. Mullin and Mrs. Marshall)  
    Animal Activism (Mr. Head and Dr. Dickinson)  
    Book Club (Mrs. Kelly)  
    Chess Club (Dr. King)  
    Classics Club (Mrs. Zimmerman and Ms. Wooten)  
    Coloring Books and Conversation - Relax, Chat, & Color (Ms. Ballou)  
    Computer Programming using “Scratch” (Señor Navarro and Mrs. Vance)  
    Crafts (Mrs. Phillips)  
    Crochet Club for a Cause (Ms. Caldwell)  
    Extra Help Club (Mrs. Gillespie)  
    Math Competition Team (Mrs. Love)  
    Mock Trial (Ms. Matsudaira)  
    Sports Club (Mr. Blake)