03. March - Stress Management

Thank you for participating in the training workshop, we hope you found it useful. In order to continue delivering the best courses possible, we'd like to know how future workshops can be planned and improved to encompass more helpful features for you.
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  1. Overall Session:*

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      Session objectives were established and accomplished   
      Content delivered was easy to understand   
      Topics were covered in sufficient details   
      Your overall impression of the workshop   

  1. Course Content:*

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      Course topics were logically sequenced   
      Quality of the course material (Handouts, etc.)   
      Training aids (audio/video/games) added to the workshop effectiveness   
      Course duration was adequate   
      The activities, exercises and role plays helped implement the taught subjects in class and were relevant and effective   

  1. Instructor - Knowledge of the Subject Matter:*

          1 2 3 4 5    
      Grasp over subject matter   
      Incorporation of best practices/contemporary issues in the organization   
      Individual questions/problems were discussed to their satisfaction   

  1. Instructor - Presentation Style:*

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      Each module was well organized   
      Instructor displayed positive attitude throughout the session   
      Instructor’s delivery was comprehensible   
      Instructor encouraged group participation   

  1. Training Center/Facility:

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      Classroom was comfortable and helped your learning process   
      The standard of training equipments   

  1. What are the things you liked most about the workshop?

  1. What are the things you would recommend to change about the workshop?

  1. What were the key factors that helped you learn better?*

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