9A Study Questions for the book of Ruth


  1. 1. The book of Ruth belongs to what period of Israel's history?
    2. From what town in the territory of Judah did Naomi's family come from?
    3. Why did Naomi's family leave home and go to live in Moab?
    4. Name the members of Naomi's family?
    5. What were the names of Mahlon's and Chilion's wives?
    6. From what country did their wives come?
    7. Which wife clung to Naomi and wanted to become an Israelite?
    8. Why did Naomi and Ruth return home to Bethlehem?
    9. Who was Elimelech's wealthy relative in whose field Ruth gleaned?
    10. How did Boaz show his favor to Ruth?
    11. Why did Naomi encourage Ruth to glean in Boaz's field?
    12. What did Naomi tell Ruth to do to indicate her desire to be Boaz's wife?
    13. How did Boaz 'buy' Ruth as his wife?
    14. Whose great-grandmother was Ruth?

St. Anne's High School