Which Book Would You Want to Read - (copy)

Use your QR code reader to view the book reviews on Voice Thread. Then vote for the ones you would most want to read.

  1. Which books would you most want to read? You may choose up to 3 books.
    The Wolf and the Crane By: Charles Santore
    The Bear and the Bees By: Charles Santore
    Monkey as King By: Charles Santore
    The Lion and the Mouse By: Charles Santore
    A Pocket for Corduroy By: Dan Freeman
    The Lion and the Donkey By: Charles Santore
    Uncle Jed’s Barbershop By: Margaree King Mitchell
    The Tortoise and the Hare By: Jason Reid
    The Grasshopper and the Owl By: Charles Santore
    Encyclopedia Brown Shows the Way By: Donald J. Sobol
    The Wolf and the Lamb By: Samara Triggs
    Class Three at Sea By: Julia Jaman
    Edward Fudwupper Fibbed Big By: Berkly Beathed
    Sleeping Ugly By: Jane Yolen
    Bats By: Joelle Riley
    Beavers By: Elizabeth O’Sullivan
    Hammer Head Sharks By: John F. Prevast
    Listen to the Wind By: Greg Mortenson
    Video Games By: Arlene Erlbach

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