Credit Report Analysis and Loan Proposals Clinic 30 Day Follow-Up Survey (2013)

Thank you for attending the Credit Report Analysis and Loan Proposals Clinic. Please complete this follow-up survey to tell us how the clinic enhanced your effectiveness. Your feedback will help us deliver high-quality programs.

Name (optional): 

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How soon after the clinic did you use what you have learned?*
    Within 1 week
    Within 1 month

  1. What have you found to be the best method/tool from the clinic? How have you incorporated this method/tool into your daily routines?

  1. What are you doing better as a result of attending this clinic?*

  1. What challenges interfered with applying what you have learned? (Check all that apply)*
    No challenges experienced
    Felt it was unnecessary
    Competing priorities
    Lack of time
    Lack of resources
    Lack of knowledge to improve
    Lack of results; relapsed to old habits
    Lack of supervisor's support
    Other's resistance
    Other challenges, please explain in next question

  1. If you checked "Other challenges" in the previous question, please explain why.

  1. What other learning programs would you like to see the Professional Development team offer to enhance your performance? (Check all that apply)*
    Change Management
    Coaching and Mentoring
    Creativity and Innovation
    Goal Setting
    Leadership Skills
    Meeting Management
    Negotiating Skills
    Performance Management
    Presentation Skills
    Problem Solving
    Other Programs, please list in next question

  1. If you answered "Other Programs" in the previous question, please list topics below

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