Activities Sign Up for Spring 2013

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    6th Grade Class Page (Mrs. Gillespie)  
    80's Movie Club (Mrs. Ballou)  
    Chess Club (Dr. King)  
    "Chopped" Student Edition (Mrs. Boylston)  
    Computer Programming (Mr. Martin and Mrs. Vance)  
    Crafts Club (Mrs. Phillips)  
    Dungeons and Dragons (Ms. Mullin)  
    Introduction to Computer Programming (Mr. Martin and Mrs. Vance)  
    Junior Classical League (Mrs. Zimmerman) 7th and 8th only  
    Kite Making/ Kite Flying Club (Mr. Head)  
    Liberal Arts Club (Ms. Caldwell-James)  
    Mock Trial (Ms. Matsudaira)  
    Personal Fitness (Ms. Radecki)  
    Photoshop (Mr. Martin)  
    Reading Club (SeƱor Navarro)  
    Running Club (Mrs. Marshall)  
    Science Olympiad (Mr. Martin)  
    Study Hall (Mrs. Love and Ms. Wooten)  
    Tennis Club (Ms. Williams)  
    Walking Club (Mrs. Dunbar)  
    Women's Lacrosse Club (Mrs. Kelly) 7th and 8th grade lacrosse players only