2013 Top Ten Best Computer Careers

The link below will take you to a site that has some excellent information on the top ten computer careers in 2013. Please read each question below and carefully answer each question. Please answer using complete sentences, good grammar and punctuation, and correct spelling. For those of you considering a career in computers, this site may help you decide which career would be a good fit for you! Please don't forget to hit Submit when you are finished to send Mrs. Tyler your work for the day.

The link is:
Computer Career Review 2013


  1. List the top five computer careers for 2013.

  1. What is the average entry level wage for a network security specialist?

  1. What is typically the lowest wage for a systems analyst?

  1. Which computer career has a predicted 53% increase in the number of jobs over the next 10 years?

  1. Which two computer careers have no option for "graveyard shift" work available?

  1. Which of the computer careers have benefits packages available?

  1. What are the ten basic office skills required for all of the top ten computer careers?

  1. Which of the top ten computer careers will typically require that you wear a uniform?

  1. What are the three computer careers that look most interesting to you?

  1. Select the one computer career that most interests you? Describe in detail why you think this would be a good career for you?

  1. For the career choice you selected, describe the education and skills required for this career. What is the overall rating of this career? How many jobs are there currently? What is the predicted increase in jobs over the next ten years?

  1. Describe an average day in your chosen career.

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