In order to improve the quality of our Training Programs and provide a better learning experience for future Training sessions, we would like to request a few minutes of your time to complete the following survey.

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  1. THE TRAINER: Using the scale 1- Excellent 2- Very Good 3- Satisfactory 4- Needs improvement, Please rate the trainer based on the following criteria...*

            1 2 3 4      
      Knowledge and command of the subject matter  Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Skills in handling Trainee questions and opinions Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Explanations and directions for class exercises Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Clarity and effectiveness of oral and visual presentations Excellent Needs Improvement  
      How well the quizzes and examinations relate to the course content Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Ability to keep the session lively and interesting Excellent Needs Improvement  
      How well the activities, exercises,and presentations enhance the course content Excellent Needs Improvement  
      The level of participant involvement during training sessions Excellent Needs Improvement  

  1. THE PROGRAM: Using the scale 1- Strongly Agree 2- Agree 3- Disagree 4- Strongly Disagree, Please assess the content of the Program by answering the following statements...*

            1 2 3 4      
      The activities in this program helped me apply certain skills and concepts Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly  
      There was an acceptable amount of activities in this program to give me sufficient practice Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly  
      The training manual and handouts were valuable as learning tools and as future resources Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly  
      I feel prepared to go out and perform the skills taught in the program Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly  
      The Pre and Post tests in this program were accurate, fair, and all covered during training Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly  

  1. THE FACILITIES: Using the scale 1- Excellent 2- Very Good 3- Satisfactory 4- Needs improvement, Rate the training facilities in terms of the following items ...*

            1 2 3 4      
      Seating arrangement Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Classroom temperature Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Lighting Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Room configuration Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Learning environment Excellent Needs Improvement  
      Overall noise level  Excellent Needs Improvement  

  1. THE COURSE DIFFICULTY: How challenging was the course?
    Too difficult
    Too Easy

  1. Overall Evaluation: How would you rate the Course Content?   *

  1. Overall Evaluation: How would you rate the quality of the Training Program  *

  1. Overall Evaluation: How would you rate the quality of the Trainer?  *

  1. Overall Evaluation: How would you rate your Total Training Experience?  *

  1. Would you recommend this TRAINER to handle more Training programs in the future?

  1. Would you recommend this TRAINING PROGRAM to others, regardless of the Trainer?

  1. Based on the training course description, how did your learning experience compare to what you expected when you began the training?*
    Learned much more than I expected
    Learned somewhat more than I expected
    Learned somewhat less than I expected
    Learned much less than I expected

  1. Do you think this training program will be able to help you with your possible job responsibilities?*
    Definitely to a large extent
    Probably to some extent
    Not Sure
    Definitely not

  1. What did you like best about this program?

  1. What did you like best about the trainer?

  1. What can we do to improve the program?