DIG110-0W1 Campus Downloading Survey - Spring 2013

Thank you for participating in this brief anonymous survey. Please answer the questions the best you can. We will use the results for our discussion on this topic.

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Do you do any of the following?*

            1 2      
      Listen to CD's Yes No  
      Listen to Radio Yes No  
      Listen to music on an mp3 player on your computer Yes No  
      Listen to music streamed on the internet Yes No  
      Go to a concert or see live music Yes No  
      Purchase a CD Yes No  
      Download music from an online store like iTunes or Rhapsody Yes No  
      Download music using a peer-to-peer program like Limewire or BitTorrent Yes No  

  1. Which sites or programs do you use to download music? (Please select all that apply)*
    Bear Share

  1. Generally speaking, how do you feel about downloading music from the Internet?

  1. Are you aware that music downloading can be illegal?*
    don't know

  1. How concerned are you about the issue of illegal music downloading?*
    Very concerned
    Somewhat concerned
    Not very concerned
    Not at all concerned
    Don't know

  1. How knowledgeable would you say that you are about the legality of downloading music from the Internet?
    Very knowledgeable
    Somewhat knowledgeable
    Not very knowledgeable
    Not at all knowledgeable
    Don't know

  1. Have you recently heard, read or seen anything about the issue of illegal music downloading?

  1. What do you remember hearing, seeing, or reading recently about the issue of illegal music downloading?

  1. Below is a list of ways that people can obtain music. For each activity, please indicate what types are legal and those that are illegal.

            1 2      
      Downloading music from a website for free Legal Illegal  
      Downloading music from a service such as iTunes or Rhapsody Legal Illegal  
      Borrowing a friends CD to transfer the music to your iPod or MP3 player Legal Illegal  
      Making a CD with a mix of songs from CD's you purchased Legal Illegal  
      Downloading music from a peer-to-peer site like Limewire or BitTorrent Legal Illegal  
      Sharing music on a website for others to download Legal Illegal  

  1. Listed below are some of the consequences college students can face if they are caught illegally downloading or uploading music. Which of the following are you aware. (Select all that apply)
    Increased change of downloading viruses and spyware
    Facing expensive fines and/or lawsuits
    Being suspended from school
    Facing disciplinary action from the college
    Having a felony listed on yur permanent record
    Losing college computer network access and privileges

  1. Which one of the following statements best represents your opinion about illegal music downloading?
    It's basically stealing and a serious problem
    I don't personally have a problem with it, but I can see why it would be wrong
    There's nothing wrong in sharing music files online
    Don't know

  1. For each of the following statements regarding illegal downloading, please indicate whether you agree or disagree.
    1. Strongly Agree
    2. Somewhat Agree
    3. Somewhat Disagree
    4. Strongly Disagree

            1 2 3 4       Don't Know
      Colleges and authorities can't really do anything about it Strongly agree Strongly disgree  
      It's no big deal as long as you don't download too many songs Strongly agree Strongly disgree  
      Everybody does it Strongly agree Strongly disgree  
      There are bigger issues record companies and musicians should worry about Strongly agree Strongly disgree  
      Musicians and record companies make way too much money so downloading is not hurting them Strongly agree Strongly disgree  
      It shouldn't be illegal, after all music is free on the radio Strongly agree Strongly disgree  
      I think about the implications of downloading music illegally Strongly agree Strongly disgree  
      It's stealing and it's just wrong Strongly agree Strongly disgree  
      It hurts artists and others who work in the music industry Strongly agree Strongly disgree