Kay - French 3 - Block 4 - 12'-13' 2nd Semester Course Evaluation

The purpose of this survey is to ensure the continuation of academic excellence at St. Agnes Academy. Your honest opinion is appreciated. Please respond to the following statements that most closely express your beliefs.

  1. Overall this course was 

  1. Overall my learning was 

  1. Overall my teacher was 

  1. Overall my effort was  

  1. My teacher was approachable-easy to talk to/personable 

  1. My teacher was clear, organized, prepared, direct, consistent in structure, predictable but not boring 

  1. My teacher possessed knowledge about subject matter and expressed excitement in teaching-wanted to help students learn rather than just get through the lesson 

  1. My teacher made class interesting, offered a variety of different teaching methods to match student learning styles 

  1. My teacher was creative and flexible, provided opportunities that related the subject to the real-world 

  1. My teacher inspired students to want to learn 

  1. VERITAS and the students' pledge were held in highest of honor in this class (Cheating was not permitted) 

  1. I clearly understood what the teacher expected me to learn and what was expected on my assignments 

  1. My homework assignments helped me to learn 

  1. The tests that I took measured what was taught 

  1. The teacher discussed the test after they were graded 

  1. The student behavior and classroom environment were suitable for learning 

  1. The teacher showed understanding when I expressed concern 

  1. My teacher encouraged me to express my own ideas even when the teacher did not agree  

  1. My teacher gave me good feedback on how I could improve  

  1. My teacher tried to model what the teacher expected of students  

  1. My teacher
    was available for extra help
    was dedicated
    was non-partial
    was impatient
    was fair and firm with discipline
    was witty - had a sense of humor
    managed time well
    taught me a lot about this subject
    graded fairly
    followed through on what he/she said
    respected me as a student
    was willing to learn from students
    was late to class without reason
    was too busy to give me help
    was sincere

  1. Describe a lesson where you learned the most and explain why you think so.

  1. What is one thing your teacher does well and explain why you think so.

  1. What is one thing that you can suggest to help you learn better in this course and explain why you think so.