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    Factors & Multiples
    Real Numbers
    Approximation And Estimation
    Introduction To Algebra
    Algebraic Manipulation
    Simple Equations In One Variable
    Ratio, Rate And Speed
    Coordinates And Linear Graphs
    Perimeters And Areas Of Plane Figures
    Volume And Surface Areas Of Solids
    Angles And Parallel Lines
    Triangles And Polygons
    Data Handling

    Congruence and Similarity
    Expansion and Factorisation
    Simple Algebraic Fractions
    Linear Equations in 2 Unknowns
    Quadratic Functions and Equations
    Pythagoras’ Theorem
    Mensuration of Pyramids, Cones and Spheres
    Set Language And Notation
    Data Analysis

  1. LOWER SECONDARY SCIENCE (PHYSICAL SCIENCES) | Please approach the office to sign up for Life Science Modules.
    Intro | Science Investigations
    Biology | Classification of Plants
    Biology | Classification of Animals
    Biology | Cells, Tissues, Organs and Systems
    Biology | Photosynthesis and Respiration
    Biology | Human Digestion
    Biology | Transport in Living Things
    Biology | Human Sexual Reproduction
    Biology | Issues of Sex
    Biology | Our Environment
    Biology | Energy Transfer in our Environment
    Biology | Nutrient Cycles
    Chemistry | Classification of Matter
    Chemistry | Elements and Compounds
    Chemistry | Mixtures
    Chemistry | Solutions and Suspensions
    Chemistry | Acids and Alkalis
    Chemistry | Particulate Model of Matter
    Chemistry | Atoms and Molecules
    Chemistry | Changing Matter
    Physics | Length and Area
    Physics | Mass, Volume, Density and Temperature
    Physics | Time, Rate of Change and Speed
    Physics | Energy
    Physics | Force, Work and Pressure
    Physics | Turning Forces
    Physics | Effects of Heat
    Physics | Transfer of Heat
    Physics | Light
    Physics | Electric Circuit
    Physics | Household Electricity
    Physics | Sound

    Physics | Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement
    Physics | Kinematics
    Physics | Dynamics
    Physics | Mass, Weight and Density
    Physics | Turning Effect of Forces
    Physics | Pressure
    Physics | Energy, Work and Power
    Physics | Kinetic Model of Matter
    Physics | Transfer of Thermal Energy
    Physics | Thermal Properties of Matter
    Physics | General Wave Properties
    Physics | Light
    Physics | Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Physics | Sound
    Physics | Static Electricity
    Physics | Current of Electricity
    Physics | D.C. Circuits
    Physics | Practical Electricity
    Physics | Magnetism and Electromagnetism
    Chemistry | Experimental design
    Chemistry | Methods of purification and analysis
    Chemistry | Identification of ions and gases
    Chemistry | Kinetic particle theory
    Chemistry | Atomic structure
    Chemistry | Structure and properties of materials
    Chemistry | Ionic bonding
    Chemistry | Covalent bonding
    Chemistry | Formulae, Stoichiometry and the Mole Concept
    Chemistry | Energy Changes
    Chemistry | Chemical Reaction : Speed of reaction
    Chemistry | Chemical Reaction : Redox
    Chemistry | Acids and bases
    Chemistry | Salts
    Chemistry | Periodic Table : Periodic trends
    Chemistry | Periodic Table : Group properties
    Chemistry | Metals : Properties of metals
    Chemistry | Metals : Reactivity series
    Chemistry | Metals : Extraction of metals
    Chemistry | Metals : Recycling of metals
    Chemistry | Metals : Iron
    Chemistry | Air
    Chemistry | Organic Chemistry : Fuels and crude oil
    Chemistry | Organic Chemistry :Alkanes
    Chemistry | Organic Chemistry :Alkenes
    Chemistry | Organic Chemistry :Alcohols
    Chemistry | Organic Chemistry :Carboxylic acids

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