WBHS Class of 2017 Phase 1 Events Survey

This survey was created to give the student body the opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to participate in. The class office believes that the whole class should be able to contribute in order to generate the best overall class experience, rather than taking choices away from the student body.

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  1. Class Slogan:
    Which slogan would you prefer?*
    " Step aside, we run the scene, we're the class of 2017 "
    " So fresh, so clean, class of 2017 "

  1. Class Events:
    What events would you be interested in? (Check all that apply)*
    Movie Night (100+in outdoor projection screen, concessions, blankets & pillows)
    Winter Formal (King & Queen election)
    Carnival (Roller coasters, concessions, DJ)
    Winter Wonderland (Snow, Christmas lights, Bobsleds, etc.)
    Autumn Festival (Bonfire, BBQ, Pumpkin Carving)