Marketing Survey - Sports Drink


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What is your age demographic?*
    0-12 years old
    13-18 years old
    19-30 years old
    31-45 years old
    46-60 years old
    60+ years old

  1. Are you Male or Female?*

  1. Where are you most likely to buy a sports drink?*
    Convenience Store (eg. 7-Eleven, Milk Bars etc.)
    Supermarket (eg. Coles, Woolworths)
    Vending Machine
    Online (in bulk)
    Schools/Local Sports Clubs canteens etc.

  1. When do you normally drink sports drinks?*
    Before, during or after sporting activity
    As a general refreshment (eg. with lunch, at the footy etc)
    I don't drink sports drinks

  1. What sized bottle is best for you when having a sports drink?*
    375mL can
    600mL bottle
    1.25L bottle
    15L Container (eg. to share with a team)

  1. When drinking from a bottle, what type of bottle top do you prefer?*
    Screw on lid

  1. What do you consider to be the most convenient and best value buy for you when purchasing a sports drink?*
    $2.50 375mL can
    $3.20 600mL bottle
    $3.75 1.25L bottle
    $25 15L container

  1. Is it important to you that packaging is recyclable/reusable?*

  1. Would you be interested in buying a make-at-home powder formula? (ie. just add water)*

  1. What would be your preferred flavour of sports drink?*
    Berry Burst
    Lemon-Lime Explosion
    Ballistic Blue
    Orange Outbreak
    Grape Gush

  1. What sort of marketing would make you more likely to purchase a product?*
    TV ads
    Sponsorship of an event/organisation
    Radio ads
    Social Media
    Print ads (in magazines, newspapers etc.)

  1. Would you be more inclined to buy a product knowing that a percentage of the sales was going to a charity?*