Computer Apps 8 Exit Survey 2013-2014 Q1

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. After having 6th grade keyboarding and word processing in 7th grade, did any class so far this year require you to type something that you did not know how to do correctly?*
    not sure

  1. I wish I had more keyboarding practice with ... (check all that apply)*
    letter keys
    numbers row
    special symbols
    I can touch-type all of these with high accuracy most of the time.

  1. If you were the teacher of this class, what would you change about the way it is run?*

  1. What did you gain from this class that has already changed or will change the way you do your school work?*

  1. Did "The Wall" for keyboarding and dictation speeds motivate you to try to improve on your scores, either this year or in the past?*
    big time!
    sort of
    not really

  1. Did you gain some self-confidence in this class this year?*
    not sure
    probably not
    definitely not

  1. In which of these skills do you feel particularly strong? (check all that apply)*
    keyboarding / touch-typing
    word processing experience (letters, menu, report)
    research experience
    mobile device and apps
    speech recognition
    time management

  1. Which module(s) taught you skills that you did not have prior to this class?
    speech recognition
    mobile learning (iPad)
    digital media

  1. Which module(s) taught you the kinds of skills you expect to need in high school or beyond?
    speech recognition
    mobile learning (iPad)
    digital media

  1. Think about all the assignments you did in this class in 9 weeks' time. Which specific task was your favorite, and why?

  1. Which single assignment challenged you in a way that it made you learn better? It may not have been your "favorite" assignment. Explain your answer.

  1. What surprised you about this class?

  1. What disappointed you about this class?

  1. Be honest and tell me which assignment(s) didn't do anything to help you learn, and tell me why. I use this info to help me plan better for the future.

  1. Here's your chance to tell me anything you want...and my chance to tell you how special you all are to me. The work you did plus the suggestions you gave will help shape the course for others in the future. I only wish I could keep you longer....When you need a reference for a job application, please ask me. Every one of you has come so far in your technology skill since last year and I am very proud to have been your teacher. I'd put your work up against any middle school students in this county and beyond. More than that, you're good people and you give me hope for our future.

    Love always,
    Ms. Cook

Teacher, Keyboarding 6, Computer Applications 7 and Computer Applications 8
Chilhowie Middle School
Chilhowie, VA