What Kind of Reader Are You?

Take the following survey to get an idea of what kind of independent reading books you might want to look for when we go to the library.

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  1. How often do you consult Cliff Notes [tm] or other book summaries for assigned reading in school*
    NEVER. I don't trust them to be good enough.
    Once or twice, if I don't have time to finish the book.
    Sometimes, but I also skim the book.
    Haven't cracked a binding on an assigned reading book in years.

  1. When a book comes out and gets a lot of buzz in the media, what do you do?*
    Decide that it must be garbage if it's that popular
    Look up reviews from book critics you trust
    Run to the store to buy it the day it comes out
    Avoid conversations where people might be talking about it
    Vaguely remember the title when you are seeing the movie version of it

  1. Which readings from across the PRHS curriculum have you enjoyed the most so far?*
    The Odyssey (9th grade), The Human Comedy(7th grade)
    The works of Edgar Allan Poe (8th grade), Beowulf (11th grade)
    Romeo and Juliet (9th grade), Hamlet (11th grade)
    Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (10th grade), Summer Reading selections (Young Adult Lit)
    Death of a Salesman (10th grade), Twelve Angry Men (8th grade)

  1. Which of the following describes your attitude toward reading in general?*
    I devour books. I cannot just read one book at a time; I have several of them that I am reading simultaneously at any given point in time.
    I only like to read sometimes, like if someone has told me a book is amazing.
    I read only what is required for school.
    I read some of what is required for school, but I read some form of periodical every day: sports, fashion, entertainment, politics - but it's mostly online.
    I'm not even too happy that I have to be reading this survey right now.

  1. Which of the following is most appealing to you?*
    Sitting on a beach, relaxing, not a care in the world - lazy, happy, and warm
    Strapping the bindings on to my skis, getting on the chairlift and feeling the cold air on my face as I wait to glide down the mountain.
    Curling up with a blanket on a rainy day and texting/talking with friends while checking Facebook - and snap chat - and twitter
    Running down the field with my teammates, trying to reach the goal just one more time
    Sitting in a coffee shop, reading something delicious and drinking some hot, sweet, barrista-perfected concoction

  1. When you go to the prom, you will probably take...
    It doesn't matter; I'll have fun with whomever is my date
    Hopefully, my crush
    My best friend; I want to be comfortable
    I will only go with someone if he/she is super "hot"; otherwise, I'll just go with a group of friends
    I'm not going to the prom; that's for wannabes

  1. How would you describe your personal fashion style?

  1. When you read, where is the place where you find yourself most able to concentrate?
    my bedroom
    the classroom
    the living room, with the tv on in the background
    in the library
    everywhere and anywhere; I read in line at the grocery store, in my car, on bus rides...

  1. What is your preference for food?
    hot and spicy
    comfort foods - mac and cheese all the way
    healthy and nutritious
    balance of healthy and downright, cheese-fry greasy
    sugar fiend

  1. What is your favorite subject in school?
    An Elective

  1. Please describe one good reading experience you have had. Where were you? How old were you? What was the book/magazine/etc?

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