NCCC Student Questionnaire-Spring 2014

Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire as this data will be used to enhance the eLearning@NCCC program. Thank you for your participation.

It is only necessary to complete this survey once. If you have completed and submitted this survey in another NCCC online class this semester, you do NOT need to complete it again. Thank you.

Name (optional): 

  1. Student status
    Full Time Student at NCCC
    Part Time Student at NCCC

  1. Have you ever taken any course at NCCC prior to this online course?

  1. This semester, in addition to your online course, do you also come on campus for classes?

  1. If your online course were only offered as a classroom course at NCCC this semester, would you have enrolled?

  1. To complete your college degree, would you prefer to?
    Take all of your classes online
    Mix classroom courses with online courses
    Take all of your courses on campus, in classrooms

  1. In future semesters would you like to take other courses online from NCCC?

  1. If a complete degree or certificate program were offered online at NCCC, would you enroll?

  1. Which of the following resulted in your taking an online course this semester (choose one):
    I planned to register for a online course
    I decided to register for a online course ONLY after my advisor explained how online courses work
    It was the only available option that fit into my schedule
    I did not know that I had registered for an online course

  1. What was your primary reason for choosing the online course (choose one):
    Convenience of not having to come to campus/save money on gas
    Flexibility of being able to complete assignments anytime/anyplace
    It is a required course
    It was the only available option course to fit into my schedule
    I have a disability that makes travel inconvenient
    Job responsibilities make it difficult for me to attend face-to-face classes
    Family responsibilities
    Work Schedule
    Curious about online learning

  1. If you selected other in the previous question, please describe how you received help.

  1. Complete the following statement. When I needed help getting started in ANGEL or Blackboard Learn for my online course, I (check all that apply):
    Contacted the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) Helpdesk
    Contacted the NCCC eLearning Department
    Asked my instructor
    Used the student resources listed in the Institutional Resources sections of the ANGEL home page. (e.g. ANGEL Quick Tips & How To Videos, SLN student orientation)
    Used the online ANGEL Help Menu
    Went to the computer lab in the NCCC library for assistance
    Didn't need any help
    Followed the instructions on the eLearning Postcard sent to my home
    Followed the instructions in the "Six Steps to Getting Started in an online or hybrid course at NCCC" document
    Didn't know where to go for help

  1. Do you access ANGEL or Blackboard Learn through the Mobile APP on Mobile Devices?

  1. If you selected other in the previous question, please describe how you received help.