Power of the 1st 20 Seconds Pre-training Questionnaire


  1. How many years have you been making Outbound Calls in your Agency?
    Less than 1 year
    1-2 years
    3-5 years
    More than 5 years

  1. How many attempted outbound calls do you execute in a week? In other words, how many phone numbers do you dial in a week?
    Less than 200
    200 - 500
    500 - 1000
    1000 or more

  1. During your outbound calling attempts, how many prospects do you actually make contact with? For this question contact means real person not an answering machine.
    Less than 50
    50 - 100
    100 - 200
    200 or more

  1. Of the calls contacted, how many continue to be quoted? Again, based on your weekly stats.
    Not sure
    1- 10
    10 - 50
    50 -100
    Over 100

  1. Once you get a prospect on the phone during an outbound call, what do you say in your opening statement to them? Please be as detained as possible.

  1. Why do you think your current customers bought insurance from you?

  1. What are the key differences between telephone prospecting vs. cold calling? To answer this question you may have to do some research. Be as thorough as you can be in your response and write them out below.

  1. What is the one thing you wish you had to do a better job when conducting outbound calls in your agency? Why?

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