Followup iPad Basics PD


  1. Pick the date you would prefer to do this session...majority will rule.
    Tuesday, May 6
    Thursday, May 8
    Either of these dates will work for me.
    I'd like to participate but I can't make either of those dates.

  1. I would prefer to start the class at ___.

  1. Of these topics, choose any three that you would most want to address in our followup iPad Basics class.
    more practice and support with selecting, copying, pasting
    more practice and support with gestures (zoom, scroll, swipe, etc.)
    more practice with Safari web browser: bookmarks, favorites
    App Store
    camera, photo/video
    iTunes and iTunes University
    Configuring settings
    practice with apps for personal use

  1. List any topic you would like to cover that was not listed above.

  1. What subject(s) and grade level(s) do you teach? I will use this to help direct you to some apps to explore in the future.

Teacher, Keyboarding 6, Computer Applications 7 and Computer Applications 8
Chilhowie Middle School
Chilhowie, VA