Let's Play Lotto! Vonage Lotto!effective: template

Ways to earn “tickets”

1. Agent comes in and goes on auto-in on time (3 tickets) [Any auxes at the start of the shift wouldn’t be qualified, except preplotted ones - coaching& meeting] (MOD,SME and TM included)
2. Agent gets a LIVE and non-coerced Kudos from Customer (5 tickets) [TM should spam the STARS commendation and include Stream Operations Mailbox]
3. A Team gets a perfect attendance, every agent present at that time gets to have +1 tickets (TM and SME included)
4. A Team who gets 5 commendations (see no.2) gets addition of +1 ticket for every agent present that day. And kudos increments of 5 get another +1. (TM and SME included)
5. A Shift who gets a perfect attendance will get +5 for every agent on shift on that day. (TM and SME included)

Games Mechanics

1. Agents get to submit their “combination” depending on the number of tickets earned the next day.
a. Day 1 – everyone present
b. Day 2 – MOD will send out the tickets earned, Agents submits combination via Quia,
c. Day 3 – winners of Day 2 announced, MOD sends out tickets earned from Day 2
d. Day 1 is Sunday
e. This will run till Day 5 Thursday, last draw of winners is Day 6 Friday.
2. Winning combination will be taken from Kiko’s token
3. 3 possible winner (example of winning combination: 123456)
a. Agents with exact combination 123461 gets a local goodie
b. Agents with exact combination 123452 gets an imported goodie
c. Agents with exact combination 123456 get the POT MONEY.
4. Pot money is at 500 and for every non-winning day, POT money increments not more than the initial pot money, this can be anything below 500
5. In the event that there are more than 1 winner for the pot money, winners will equally split the prize amongst themselves.
6. Cut off for submission would be 4 PM MNL
7. Everyone in Operations can join with the exception of STMs, TO and SDM.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Oracle ID:*

  1. Lastname:*

  1. Firstname:*

  1. Lotto Combination: ( 6 digits from 0-9)*