Comcast Trainer Profile - (copy)

  1. CCMS Ident

  1. Site
    Alphaland Makati
    Masinag Antipolo

  1. First and Last Name

  1. Trainer Status
    Flex Trainer
    Permanent Trainer

  1. Email Address

  1. Tenure in Comcast
    3 months
    6 months
    1 Year or more

  1. BP- ID

  1. Division and Skill
    Central Division-Billing
    Central Division-Video Repair
    Central Division-Billing and Video Repair
    Central Division-CDV/CHSI (Combo)
    Central Division-CDV CHSI Repair
    West Division-Billing
    West Division-Bulk Billing
    West Division-Video Repair
    West Division-Billing and Video Repair
    West Division-Bulk Billing and Repair
    West Division-Tier 2
    Northeast Division-Billing
    Northeast Division-Video Repair
    Northeast Division-Billing and Video Repair
    Northeast Division-CHSI/CDV Repair
    National Division-SIK
    National Division-CDV/CHSI
    National Division-Sales
    National Division-Internet Essentials
    National Division-DTA
    National Division-Billing and Video Repair
    National Division-Retention
    National Division-ICR

  1. Comcast Certifications or T3 Attended
    Cable Country
    Smart House T3
    North East TSR/GSR T3
    Selling the Value, Rise and Xhome
    Selling the Value and Rise
    Sales and Retention Bulk
    Einstein 2.0
    Central LOQ Summit
    CDV & CHSI
    Care PRO
    Bulk Accounts

  1. Teleperformance Internal Training
    TP New Trainer Certification
    Foundations of Facilitation