Week 1 SMA SYW Survey

The purpose of this survey is two-fold. First, we want you to become familiar with the layout of this survey as you will be assigned to complete a survey each week during Phase 1 of your training. Secondly, the Shop Your Way team will be presenting to you during your Phase 1 training and will customize their presentation based on your input.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What question(s) about the SYW program do you hear most from members?*

  1. What part of the SYW program is most confusing to our members?*

  1. What are the main pain points about the progam for our members?*

  1. What difficulties do our members have using the program?*

  1. What SYW topic(s) would you like more information about?*

  1. Do you feel like you know the basics of the SYW program (e.g. earning and redeeming points)?*

  1. Would you like to hear about the basics of the program during the presentation?*

  1. What question(s) about the SYW program do you hear most from associates?*

  1. What are the main points about the program for our associates?*

  1. What obstacles do our associates need help overcoming regarding the SYW program*

  1. Are you currently using the SYW CARE Tool?*

  1. If no, why not? (e.g. No access yet based on job code, too complicated, not been trained, etc.)