Student Council 2014-2015

Pick a person who would represent our class well. They must be able to tutor students in the morning, attend meetings, be helpful, dependable, have good behavior, and be positive.

  1. Who should our GIRL Student Council representative be?
    Emma Evans
    Jennifer Franco Luis
    Meghan Kasel
    Lauren Mattison
    Callie Mulroney
    Piper Newberry
    Sara Staten
    Charleigh Willingham
    Alyssa Wood

  1. Who should our BOY Student Council representative be?
    Max Bastanpour
    Mak Diaz Hernandez
    Luke Dodd
    Gabe Falco
    Tyler Gutmann
    Aiden Ingram
    Wesley Lanter
    Peyton Lucas
    Riley O'Donnell
    Tyler Sandt
    Griffin Shippy
    Trevor Williams