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NOTE: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is a given. You don't need to vote for it because we're already scheduling it.*
Liquid Nitrogen
Compressed Gases
Exploding Pumpkins
Water Rockets
Sodium Acetate "Hot Ice"
Hot and Cold
Color Change Chemistry
Self-Inflating Balloons
Whoosh Bottle/Water Jug Combustion
Hydrogen Combustion/Balloon Combustion
Glowing Test Tube
Holding Fire
Self-Lighting Candle
Gummi Bears
Gold Pennies
Mentos and Diet Coke
Carbon Snake
Iron in Cereal
Glue from Milk
Electricity from Produce
Soda-Meat Decomposition
T-Shirt Tie Dye
Iodine Clock
Crystal Growing
Ice Cube Tray Battery
Glass Blowing
Metal Welding and Cutting
Paper Chromatography
Like Dissolves Like
Ice Bomb
Oxidation of Glycerin
Mercury Beating Heart
Cadmium Nitrate + Sodium Sulfide
Copper (II) Nitrate + Ammonia
Sodium + Acid
Sodium Iodide + Mercury Chloride
Denaturation of Protein
Hydrolysis of t-Butyl Chloride
Which is Hot?
Dust Explosion
How to Color Fire
Bend Water with Static Electricity
Girl Scouts: Bunsen Burner Smores
Girl Scouts: Invisible Ink
Girl Scouts: Witches' Brew
Girl Scouts: Phenolphthalein
Girl Scouts: Elephant Toothpaste
Girl Scouts: Egg in a Bottle
Girl Scouts: Colored Fire
Girl Scouts: Person in a Bubble
Girl Scouts: Jumbo Clothespins
Girl Scouts: Growing Cup
Tour: Philadelphia Zoo
Tour: Spec Gas Plant (Plumsteadville, PA)
Tour: Research Center (Newark, DE)

Any other suggestions?

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Doylestown, PA