CAPS Teacher Ed Instructor Observation- CAPS Teacher Education Program -End of Observation 1


Thank you for hosting a CAPS Teacher Education student for this observation. Please take just a moment to complete the following. Feel free to write as many comments as you'd like. Please keep in mind that the student may see these comments, and we ALWAYS stress constructive criticism and reflection as ways to ASSESS LEARNING for the next experience. If there is anything additionally that you would like to share, please email Tammy Fry at Thanks again for your support!


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.


  1. Did the student adhere to the times you had set up together for their time in your classroom(s)?*

  1. If the student had conflicts with his/her classroom time with you, did he/she notify you in advance and did the student use professional courtesy in communicating with you? (In other words, the student sent you a text only if you agreed texting was the best way to reach you...student did not begin a text or email with something like..."hey...I'm not going to be there today?"

  1. Was the student dressed professionally and wearing his/her id badge each day? Please talk about any inappropriateness in dress of which you were aware. (ie. skirt too short, top too low cut, sloppy, etc.)

  1. How was the student's attitude while being in the classroom with you and your students? The student should have been positive and reflected an eagerness to observe and learn.*

  1. If asked to do something, was the student receptive to any instructions given by you and willing to do what you asked with a positive attitude?*

  1. Was the student proactive in introducing himself/herself to you and presenting himself/herself in a professional way? And...was the CAPS Teacher Ed student always appropriate in interactions with your students?

  1. During this first observation, the students are just to observe and take notes, as they are in an environment of an age level opposite of their initial choice. Please list one thing you hope that the student gained by being in your classroom?

  1. Please rate the overall experience with this student from 1-3, with 3 being the best.
    1 2 3

  1. Thank you for completing this evaluation and for your support of CAPS Teacher Education students!

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