30 Day Survey Training Effectiveness Participants I-52 - (copy)

About this evaluation
The following questions are about the FedEx LAC New Hire Training, which took place at Teleperformance, El Salvador at Avenida Olimpica y Pasaje 3, Edificio Plaza Olimpica, San Salvador between September 23rd and October 4th 2013.

Completing it will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

The evaluation asks about the impact of the training on the way the participants have performed in their jobs since completion of the training.

It would be useful for you to have details of the training participants and any relevant documents and figures (such as work records and competency ratings) at hand when completing the evaluation.

Please complete the evaluation by November 8th , 2013.

What will happen with your responses?
All responses will be analyzed and reported to the Training Coordinator.
Findings are due to be reported in our internal Effectiveness Tracking Tool

To protect confidentiality the names of training participants will not be used in any reports produced.

The data you supply will not be used for discipline procedure purpose, select out, or otherwise disadvantage participants.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about this evaluation, please contact me at wroldan@tpslv.com

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