Stream Survey - Muddy Run


  1. Stream-side vegetation: What is growing along the stream?
    many trees, more then 90%
    some trees, more then 50%
    few trees, a lot of open space or buildings, less then 15%

  1. Bank condition: What does the stream bank look like?
    Low bank/ tree roots/rocks
    Bank with some erosion visible
    Steep banks/ eroded and muddy
    Concrete banks

  1. Stream Bottom: What does the strem bottom look like?
    Rocky areas
    Some rocks/some gravel deposits/some sediment
    No rocks/fine sediment on stream bottom

  1. Shelter and Habitat: What kind of shelter is there for aquatic insects and animals ?
    Many rocks and logs/shallow areas and pools
    Small rocks/gravel or muddy deposits/deep water

  1. Stream Shape: What is the shape of the stream?
    Stream is natural/some curves
    Greatly altered by man/stream is mostly straight