General Health Questionnaire - (copy)

These are some ideas that are related to health to help you think about your lifestyle, what you can change, and how you have have a more pleasant, healthy and stress-free life.

  1. What is one reason most people die before age 100?
    People don't think enough about health.
    People don't eat enough "fast food".
    People get too much exercise.
    People sleep too much on the weekend.

  1. What sentence will this textbook focus on?
    This textbook will focus on lifestyle and health.
    This textbook will focus on how to stay beautiful.
    This textbook will focus on how to run faster.
    This textbook will focus on how to stop smoking now.

  1. What are some bad habits that people have?
    lack of exercise
    tobacco smoking
    unhealthy diet
    drinking too much alcohol

  1. Why isn't it simple to live a healthy lifestyle?
    it requires effort and will power
    people do not want to give up "junk food"
    people do not want to stop smoking
    people do not want to stop drinking
    people live with a lot of stress

  1. What is this textbook a guide to?
    This textbook is your guide to a long, healthy life.
    This textbook is to tell you how to stop eating "junk food"
    This textbook is to tell you how to avoid stress completely.
    This textbook is to tell you how to stop drinking today.

  1. What things can you change in your life?
    your family medical history
    what you eat to have a healthy diet
    you can get enough rest and sleep for your body to feel good
    you can lose weight
    you can get more exercise
    You can change your lifestyle and stop smoking.
    you can learn to relax and reduce stress
    you can change your height
    if you have friends who always smoke, you can help them stop smoking so much or change friends
    you can feel good by helping other people have a better life

  1. What are good exercises to do?
    playing cards and smoking
    always driving places in the car and drinking
    playing tennis, soccer, etc.

  1. What are healthy foods to eat?
    lots of beer
    McDonald hamburgers
    French Fries
    fruits and vegetables
    fatty meats
    bacon, ham, hot dogs
    corn, oatmeal, rice and other grains
    lots of butter, cheese, eggs, cream, ice cream

  1. What are some ways to relax?
    watch a horror film on TV
    walk in the park
    chat or visit with friends
    read a book
    pray or meditate
    sit quietly and enjoy a cup of tea
    go to a concert of your favorite music
    play piano or another musical instrument
    think about problems and what a terrible day it was

  1. How can you avoid stress each day?
    Leave enough time to do things
    Do not leave things for the last minute
    Ask people for help if you are unsure how to do something
    Get enough sleep at night to feel rested
    Eat a healthy diet
    Do not use drugs to calm down
    Do not drink 6 or 8 cups of coffee every day
    Leave yourself extra time to do things in case there is an unexpected delay
    Avoid people who are unpleasant and negative
    Do not worry about things you cannot change.

  1. You can't do anything about changing your sex or family background.

  1. You do have control over your health and lifestyle.

  1. A healthy lifestyle takes little effort.

  1. Cancer can never be prevented.

  1. On the average, men live seven years longer than women.