BL Case 6 - Sharon v City of Newton

Using the workbook "You Be the Judge" pages 42 - 44. Answer the following Questions.


  1. Identify the Plaintiff(s) in the case

  1. Identify the Defendant(s) in the case

  1. Is the Plaintiff seeking money for her injuries?

  1. Describe the incident in which Merav was injured.

  1. Describe Merav's injuries from her fall.

  1. What was Merav's cheerleading experience at the time of her injury?

  1. What is a parental consent release form?

  1. Explain the city of Newtown's reason(s) for asking the court to enforce the parental consent release.

  1. List the facts that support the school's argument that Merav and her father understood the terms of the parental consent release.

  1. Did Merav voluntarily assume any risks associated with cheerleading?

  1. What is the North Hunterdons school's policy on extracurricular activities

  1. Are parents/guardians required to sign a release prior to participation ?

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