Verizon Hong Kong 2015-Course Evaluation

You've listened to us talk for the past few days, now it's time for US to listen! We’d love to hear from you on how we did so we can continue to improve this preparatory course for future MEF-CECPs. The survey will only take 2 minutes of your time, but your feedback will last us a lifetime! Thank you!

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How helpful was the CECP Boot Camp in preparing you to take the certification exam?*
Very helpful – I feel quite confident with my newly acquired knowledge
Somewhat helpful – it just confirmed what I already knew
Not at all – I learned nothing new here

What is your overall satisfaction with the Carrier Ethernet Academy, the instructor, and the course material?*
Not happy – it was a waste of my time
Satisfied - pretty much what I expected
Very Satisfied - went beyond my expectations

How would you rate your instructor's subject matter expertise?*
Very Good

How would you rate the course material?*
Good – material confirmed what I already knew
Very Good – I learned things I didn’t know, but nothing that’s pertinent to my job
Excellent – I learned things I didn’t know that are VERY pertinent to my job

What about the course material level of technical detail?*
Much too technical
Just about right
Not technical enough

How would you evaluate the length of the CECP Boot Camp course?*
Too short – would’ve liked more in-class time
Just right – 3 days is enough
Too long – would’ve liked to cover the material in less days

What is your primary reason/s for choosing to pursue an MEF-CECP certification (choose as many as apply)?*
Industry validation of my experience and skills
Personal growth
Important competitive advantage to my organization
Career advancement
My boss made me do it!

Did you evaluate other training centers before choosing the Carrier Ethernet Academy for your training?*

Why did you choose the Carrier Ethernet Academy for your CECP training? Choose any that apply.*
Reputation for Carrier Ethernet training programs and quality of instructors
Recommended by a colleague
Competitive class tuition fee
Shorter length of course
Personally or professionally acquainted with founder and lead instructor
Carrier Ethernet Academy was selected by others in my organization to deliver this training

Are there others in your organization that are interested in earning an MEF CECP certification, and that you believe would benefit from training prior to taking the exam?*
Not sure

If you answered YES to the previous question, would you recommend the Carrier Ethernet Academy CECP Boot Camp to these colleagues?*
My previous answer was NO!

Can you provide a quote on your experience with the Carrier Ethernet Academy that we may use in our marketing and promotional material?

If YES, please provide quote, along with your name, title and company:

Thank you for choosing the Carrier Ethernet Academy for your CECP exam training! One final question! How did you hear about the Academy's training program?*
MEF web site
Ethernet Academy web site
Word of mouth
My boss
MEF event
I personally know the instructors

Would find it useful to have a pre-course work book available to help you prepare for the course?*

If you would find it useful to have a pre-course work book available to help you prepare for the course, what format would you prefer?*
I wouldn't find a pre-course work book helpful
Hard copy work book format
e-Book available on my tablet or mobile device
On-line format, available from a browser
Customizable e-Book format that would allow me to create my own study guide from material in the workbook, class materials and other documents

Please provide any additional comments you may have to help us improve our MEF-CECP 2.0 Boot Camp training.

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