Reading Reflection - 1st Quarter (end) B3

Answer the following questions about your independent reading experience this quarter. You may look at your Goodreads account for information.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How well have you been keeping up with your independent reading this quarter?*
    Excellently - I read consistently each week for more than 90 minutes a week.
    Very well - I read consistently 90 minutes each week.
    Average - My reading averages about 90 minutes each week because I'll read a lot one week and then not much the next.
    Not well - I consistently fall below the required 90 minutes each week.
    Poorly - I really don't read very much at all.

  1. What books have you FINISHED since mid-quarter (9/8)? Be sure these are on your Currently Reading list. Please give the title and author.*

  1. What book or books are you currently reading? (These should also be on your Goodreads Currently Reading list.) Please give the titles and authors.*

  1. Reading 90 each week is easy for me.*
      1 2 3 4 5  
    Strongly disagree  Strongly agree

  1. Rate each of the following statements based on your reading behavior this quarter.*

            1 2 3 4 5      
      I have been reading consistently each week. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      I read at an appropriate pace. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      I take time to select books that are interesting to me and on my reading level. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      I keep up with marking my reading progress on Goodreads on time. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      I keep up with making comments about my book on Goodreads. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      My comments on Goodreads are thoughtful. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      I bring my independent reading book to class. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      I read my IR book when there is reading time given in class. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  

  1. In what ways have you tried to improve your reading experience and practices since the middle of the quarter?*

Mrs. Milligan