Sala de Clases Slideshow / Course Check-Up

Answer the questions below in English. Thank you for your feedback.




  1. Whose presentation did you like the most? Explain why you made that decision based upon evidence in the presentation (photos, quality, creativity, etc.).

  1. Identify at least one common error that you found in the presentations. Then, explain why it is an error.

  1. How much did this project help you to better learn the classroom vocabulary and prepositions? (1= a lot, 2 = it helped, 3 = a little, 4 = not at all)
    1 2 3 4

  1. Out of 100%, estimate how much of the work your partner did for the project (30% would mean your partner did 30% of the work and you did 70% of the work). Please explain how you and your partner divided the tasks.

  1. What could the teacher change of the project to make it better?

  1. How helpful are each of the following class activities to your learning of Spanish? (1= a lot, 2 = it helps, 3 = a little, 4 = not at all)

          1 2 3 4    
      Warm up   
      Q&A with teacher and whole class   
      Working 1-1 with teacher   
      Paired conversation   
      Quizizz online competition   
      Online quizzes   
      Quizlet vocabulary games   
      VoiceThread speaking activities   
      Class competitions   
      Writing activities in packet   

  1. Comment on the classroom activities above and what the teacher can do to help you to be successful in Spanish class.

  1. Would you prefer to have nightly homework assignments in place of weekly Duolingo skills?

  1. Imagine that you are a STUDENT TEACHER in this Spanish class. What is something that you would do differently that you believe would help all students to be successful?

  1. This semester, Spanish is my class.

  1. What prompted your response to the previous response? Mr. Bogdan may follow up with you to address your concern.