Fall 2015 Midterm Teaching Survey - MS Office 1

  1. When I teach, do I have a habit that you find is distracting to your learning of the material?

  1. If yes, what?

  1. Do I speak clearly and at a level you can hear and understand? 

  1. Do you feel that I am prepared for classes? 

  1. Is classroom material presented at a reasonable pace? 

  1. Please list and describe at least one positive aspect of my teaching.

  1. Please list and describe at least one aspect of my teaching that I can improve upon.

  1. Is there anything in class that I could do better or different that will help your learning?

  1. Has the following improved throughout the semester or gotten worse?

            1 2 3 4      
      My Teaching Techniques Worse Improved  
      My Classroom Management Worse Improved  
      Classroom Learning Environment Worse Improved  

  1. Do you like this class?

  1. Would you recommend this class to a friend?

Tunkhannock High School
Tunkhannock, PA