Transitional Survey

This is a professional development activity that will require your input. Please base your answers on your current knowledge of transitional planning as part of the IEP.


  1. Which of the following special education students require transitional planning to be formally addressed on the IEP?
    ER-2 and 3 only
    ER-1, 2, and 3
    504 plan
    All of the above
    None of the above

  1. I feel that the current transitional planning process is adequate to meet student needs.

  1. Should parents be involved in the transition planning process?

  1. At What grade should students begin to attend IEP meetings? 

  1. At what grade should transitional planning begin 

  1. At what grade should students take a career inventory? 

  1. At what grade should students be made aware of required courses for college entrance? 

  1. Please rank your level of knowledge on accessing services for a student on the following

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Excellent  Poor  
      Tulsa Technology Center Excellent  Poor  
      Goodwill Services Excellent  Poor  
      Applying for accomadtions on ACT/SAT Excellent  Poor  
      Tulsa Community College Excellent  Poor  

  1. In your opinion, what is the point of transitional planning?

  1. An in-service training program and/or informational workbook would be helpful.

  1. I am interested in being involved in helping to develop a transitional planning committee.