Computer Careers Assignment - 12/14/15

It is time to start thinking about careers in the computer field! I know many of you are already planning for a career in a computer related field. Will it be Computer Programming, Web Page Design, Networking, Computer Support Specialist, or something else? There are many opportunities in the field of computers and technology. Even if you are already planning a career in another field, it never hurts to examine many possible career paths and always have a "Plan B" in mind.

Your assignment for today is to read through the web pages dealing with computer career information for which I have provided the links and answer the questions below. This assignment will be graded, so work carefully! Make sure you click on Submit Answers when you have finished your work or all of your work will be lost. You are expected to work quietly and be respectful to your sub.

Here are a few links that you may find useful in answering the questions below. Please feel free to search and use other web sites that you may find useful. Put all answers in your own words. Do NOT just copy and paste the information!

Top Ten Computer Careers This is a great site loaded with good info!!

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Computer Careers

Computing Careers


  1. From the many different computer careers about which you have just read, what are the three computer fields that sound the most interesting to you?

  1. From the three computer careers you listed above, what is the one career in which you would most likely want to plan a career? Why?

  1. In your own words, provide a DETAILED job description of the career you selected above.

  1. What is the average starting salary for your career of choice?

  1. Describe the job outlook and advancement potential for your chosen computer career.

  1. Describe the working conditions/environment of your chosen computer career.

  1. What are some basic skills needed for your job?

  1. What type of education is required for your chosen computer career? Associate's degree? Bachelor's degree? Certifications?

  1. Do some online research on colleges or trade schools where you might consider attending to get the needed training and/or degree for your chosen computer career. Describe the degree you would need to be well qualified for your desired position. Which college or university looks best to you? Why?

  1. Imagine it is now six years into the future and you are working at your dream computer job.... Describe your position, your education needed to get this job, and your annual salary (try to be realistic about this). What are your job responsibilities? What does a typical day look like for you, etc.? Try to be as specific with your response as possible. You should take a minimum of 3 paragraphs for this answer.

  1. Describe in DETAIL a minimum of six things that you can be doing right now, while you are still in high school, to help prepare yourself for a possible career in the computer field.

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