RSC South East ILT Fair - (copy)

JISC RSC South East
Berkshire College of Agriculture
18th November 2005


  1. Venue feedback

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Rooms Excellent Very poor  
      Food Excellent Very poor  
      Accessibility of location Excellent Very poor  

  1. Event feedback

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Content of event Excellent Very poor  
      The Speakers Excellent Very poor  
      Resources available Excellent Very poor  
      Networking Opportunities Excellent Very poor  
      Relevance of event Excellent Very poor  
      Workshops (if applicable) Excellent Very poor  

  1. Comments about the venue (optional)

  1. Which aspects of the event did you find useful?

  1. Which aspects of the event could be improved?

  1. Where did you first hear about today's event? 

  1. Do you have any additional comments you would like to make about today's event?

  1. What resource, tool or JISC service have you started to investigate as a result of the ILT fair?

  1. Please say a little about what you have started to do as a result of the Fair

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