PepsiCo Internal Survey

Please respond open and honestly and note that we may reach out to you individually for further information, if necessary.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Are you aware of the 2016 goals on PepsiCo?*

  1. To make things more efficient on your desk, what one recommendation would you have for internal Sedgwick procedures on PepsiCo?*

  1. Do you have access to view all disability claims for PepsiCo?*

  1. For Frito Lay claims, we noticed an increase in Shoulder claims for 2015. Why do you think that is occurring?*

  1. Are all divisions of PepsiCo using the modified duty program effectively? If not, what recommendations would you have?*

  1. For PNAB. in 2015 we recognized an increase in claims between $50K and $100K. Do you have any thoughts on why this is occurring?*

  1. Large Losses are still a problem for PepsiCo. What suggestions do you have to help with more resolution opportunities?*

  1. What is the biggest barrier or hurdle confronting you with regards to handling PepsiCo claims?*

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