Principal Survey for Participating BSC High Schools—2016-2017

The BSC provides the following services to district schools: Bookkeeping, Budgetkeeping, Field trip Coordination, Facility Rental, Supply Equipment Distribution, Time Keeping and Attendance, and E-Ticketing. School principals and staff have multiple tasks related to improving student achievement but, can rest easy when it comes to business tasks. The BSC currently gives 142 district schools, including 13 high schools, "a greater opportunity to focus solely on student learning and achievement."

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    High Schools ONLY

    An Open Enrollment 2016-2017 matrices is attached to the email you received. Please refer to it while making your package selections below:

    Bookkeeping Package, includes Internal Account support services plus all bookkeeping functions

    Budgetkeeping Package, includes Internal Account support services plus all budgetkeeping functions

    e-Ticketing Package, includes Internal Account support services plus Electronic Ticket Sales and Management

    Timekeeping and Attendance Package, includes payroll time entry and reporting and HRAP responsibilities

  1. I no longer embrace the BSC concept and wish to opt-out of receiving services provided by the BSC. 

  1. Thank You for Completing the 2017 Open Enrollment Survey!

    Thank you for taking the time to complete the 2017 open enrollment survey. Your responses are vital in helping the BSC continue to provide quality services to Broward Schools.

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    All specialist will maintain their current assignments. Changes will be made only in extraordinary circumstances.