Lotus Notes Databasics class - Immediate Feedback

Please answer the below listed questions. The entire survey should take less than five minutes.


  1. Do you believe the skills you learned in this Lotus Notes Databasics class will help you in your day-to-day activities at Marsh?
    Yes - skills learned will be helpful
    No- skills learned will not be helpful

  1. If you answered "No - did not find class helpful" to the previous question, please indicate why in the space below. If you indicated "Yes" to question # 1, please skip this question and proceed to question 3.

  1. Please select the answer that best describes the length of the class you attended:
    Class length was too long
    Class length was just about right
    Class length was to short

  1. You may skip this question if you answered "class length was just about right" or "class length was too short" for question # 3.

    For question # 3, if you answered "class length was too long", please describe in the box below what topics you would like to see eliminated from the session:

  1. Did the facility, technology used during the class, and the learning environment assist you in learning the skills presented in the Lotus Notes Databasics class?
    Yes - facility, technology used and environment contributed to the learning experience
    No- facility, technology used and environment detracted from the learning experience

  1. Please expand upon Question # 5 - Why did you select the answer that you picked for number 5?

  1. Please add any other comments, questions, or concerns you may have about today's Lotus Notes Databasics class here.