"Dear Ms. Galloway"

The final days in Reading Improvement have arrived! I wanted to take a few moments to tell you that it has been an absolute pleasure teaching you, as well as give you the opportunity to give me a little feedback. Please answer as many as you can, and as honestly as you can!


  1. Three words (and/or a simile) to describe Ms. Galloway.

  1. Your favorite journal prompt (bell-ringer)?

  1. Tell me a story about a time w/ Ms. G. What events, assignments, days, etc. stand out?

  1. Looking over the last five months, what assignments would you definitely keep?

  1. Looking over the last five months, what assignments would you definitely ditch?

  1. One thing Ms. G's future students should know...

  1. Evaluate Ms. Galloway

          A B C D F    
      Ms. Galloway comes to class prepared   
      Ms. Galloway stays after to help when I need it.   
      Ms. Galloway teaches at a good pace.   
      Ms. Galloway answers questions well.   
      Ms. Galloway knows her material.   
      Ms. Galloway had control of the classroom.   
      Ms. Galloway likes to teach our class.   

  1. Evaluate yourself

          A B C D F    
      I came to class prepared   
      I stayed after when I needed help.   
      I asked and answered questions.   
      I did my homework consistently.   
      I read my outside reading.   
      I feel like a better reader/writer.   
      I usually enjoyed coming to class.   
      I would enjoy taking a class with Ms. G again   

  1. Evaluate the course:

          A B C D F    
      I enjoyed daily journal prompts   
      Daily journal prompts challenged me.   
      I enjoyed Station Rotations   
      I enjoyed reading outside of class.   
      I enjoyed reading Monster.   

  1. Any final comments you want to say to Ms. G. What did you like about her teaching, classroom management, pointers to be a better reading teacher, or about anything. Use appropriate language, maybe even some similes and metaphors. Remember, KEEP IT SCHOOL-APPROPRIATE!